The Planning Board is comprised of seven members. Five of the members represent the incorporated city limits and shall be appointed by the Town Council. Two members represent the extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) zoning district and shall be appointed by the Yadkin County Board of Commissioners. The Planning Board meets once each month on the third Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Jonesville Town Hall.

It shall be the duty of the Planning Board, in general to:

The Planning Board shall have the following duties in relation to the Zoning Ordinance:
(a) Certify the original ordinance to the Town Council;
(b) Review and comment on all amendments; and
(c) Review and comment on all conditional uses approved by the governing body as specified in Article 12 of this ordinance;
(d) Review and take action on special exceptions approved by the board of adjustment as specified in Article 12 of this ordinance.


  • Doug Chappell, Chair term expires 06/30/2027
  • Toby Butcher, Vice-Chair* term expires 06/30/2028  (ETJ Representative)
  • Glenda Gilliam, Member term expires 06/30/2027
  • Jeff Blackburn, Member term expires 06/30/2027
  • Mary Perez, Member term expires 06/30/2029
  • Barry Swaim, Member term expires 06/30/2029
  • Scott Jackson, Member term expires 06/30/2028  (ETJ Representative)


  • Mayor Anita Darnell – Ex-Officio
  • Town Manager Michael Pardue – Advisor