The Public Works Department is located at 340 Pardue Street, Jonesville North Carolina and can be contacted at 336-835-4068.  Under the supervision of the Public Utilities Director there are four (4) employees located within Public Works and cover several areas of responsibility including town streets and water distribution.

The street division is primarily responsible for the maintenance of the Town street system, being 17.83 miles of hard surface and .52 miles of gravel/stone streets, rights-of-way, sidewalks, and curbing.  Work activities include street and sidewalk maintenance, cleaning of ditches, clearing of rights-of-way, patching potholes, storm drain cleaning and snow removal.  Seasonal mowing and maintenance at Sunrise Cemetery, Lila Swaim Park, Jonesville Greenway Trail, and other public areas are also included.  The town contracts with the North Carolina Department of Transportation for the mowing of over 6 miles of rights-of-way area from which the town is reimbursed.

Public Works employees are responsible for the maintenance of 46.8 miles of water distribution lines throughout the Jonesville town limits and extra-territorial jurisdiction.  Employees perform many tasks including meter installs, meter reading for utility billing, water line maintenance and repairs, location of utility lines along with maintaining and testing the town’s fire hydrants. By flushing out the fire hydrants, the town maintains a quality water system by keeping sedimentation and corrosion from building up within the system. Testing the hydrant flow rate ensures proper operation and determines insurance rates for the homeowner within the water service area. North Carolina State law requires that there can be no trees, shrubs, flowers, mailboxes, etc. within 3 feet of a fire hydrant.


Phone: 336-835-4068

Address: 340 Pardue Street, Jonesville

Josh Matthews ORC Backflow/Cross-Connection

Josh Matthews ORC Distribution Operator